Meeting in Italy

From 26th to 29th June we were in Venafro, Italy for our Erasmus + “Listen, look and take part in! This is our cultural heritage!” first year evaluation meeting. We also started preparing the activities for the project’s second year.

We were welcomed at school by the headmaster, teachers and pupils. They prepared some traditional costumes, poems, dances to show us.


Meeting in Croatia

From 7th to 13th May we were in Čakovec, Croatia for the second Erasmus + “Listen, look and take part in! This is our cultural heritage!” meeting. One more time, we can say it was an exciting and meaningful week.

The Croatian team had everything very well organised and enriched our knowledge with activities related to their culture, traditions and traditional games. We learned about their homeland, took part in games, workshops, study trips, among others. All the kids and teachers worked hard and had lots of fun together.

First exchange meeting

From 11th to 17th March there was the first exchange meeting (students and teachers) in Caudete, Spain. It was a full and enriching week. Kids got to know lots of other students from all the countries involved on the project, learnt new things, took part in all the activities provided and exchanged experiences.

The Spanish team had everything very well organised and made it possible for all the partners to learn about their cultural events, their traditions, customs and traditional games. All the kids and teachers worked hard and had lots of fun together.


Providing a logo for our project

After the first meeting in Caudete, all partners started working with kids at school in the activities decided in that meeting.

One of those activities was to draw a LOGO for our project. So, every school coordinator asked kids to draw one related to the project. Then, each school had to vote and select the three most voted ones. After this, all LOGOS were sent to the main Coordinator in Spain who publish them on the Project’s Facebook Page (K229 Project "LISTEN, LOOK AND TAKE PART IN! THIS IS...) and all partners voted and the best one was chosen. The winning LOGO was drawn by an Italian Kid.

Caudete meeting

We have started our European project with the first coordination meeting from 13th to November 17th.

We have worked and organized everything so that all the activities would be a success. We are already a group of friends! All of us are wishing that March arrives and all friends come back here again with the students.

This wonderful project of 2 years is ready to be lived with great enthusiasm by students, teachers and parents. We are a team!! Our project has taken off!!

Thanks everybody for your great collaboration!!

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