Meeting in Italy

From 26th to 29th June we were in Venafro, Italy for our Erasmus + “Listen, look and take part in! This is our cultural heritage!” first year evaluation meeting. We also started preparing the activities for the project’s second year.

We were welcomed at school by the headmaster, teachers and pupils. They prepared some traditional costumes, poems, dances to show us.

Then it was time to work. We had a long meeting to evaluate every activity that was done during the project’s first year and started preparing the second year. The second year is going to start with a new eTwinning project and the first meeting is going to be in November (2nd to 8th), in Chaves, Portugal.

Besides our meeting, we also had a workshop about eTwinning platform, so that we can think of other eTwinning activities to do with our students.

In our free time, we were able to visit some places of interest, especially the WINTERLINE museum about the second world war, since Venafro was one of the cities where the German troops were delayed.

The last night we spent in Venafro, there was a farewell party at school with the performance of a music group where one of the teachers plays and a traditional folk group that danced for us.

These days were very pleasant, but they came to an end.

Let’s meet again in Chaves, Portugal.

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