Providing a logo for our project

After the first meeting in Caudete, all partners started working with kids at school in the activities decided in that meeting.

One of those activities was to draw a LOGO for our project. So, every school coordinator asked kids to draw one related to the project. Then, each school had to vote and select the three most voted ones. After this, all LOGOS were sent to the main Coordinator in Spain who publish them on the Project’s Facebook Page (K229 Project "LISTEN, LOOK AND TAKE PART IN! THIS IS...) and all partners voted and the best one was chosen. The winning LOGO was drawn by an Italian Kid.

So, in the first week of March, before our first students and teachers exchange meeting in Caudete, Spain, we had a LOGO for the project.

From this moment on we could identify all our documents with something created by our participating students.